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Oscar Wilde from Purgatory

This book is fascinating - Oscar Wilde From Purgatory  (Amazon version) - its been a few months since I read it but when I found this group I knew I'd have to talk about it some. The book is a conversation with Oscar Wilde beyond the grave through automatic writing. Now I don't assume all intuitives are fake or real but I have to say if this is an imitation it is very well done by someone who truly understands his style. 
From the first sentence - the woman who is communicating with Oscar thinks he interupted another spirit trying to communicate "Lily, my little Lily-No, the lily was mine-a crystal thread-a silver reed
that made music in the morning." it is very... Oscar. Though I suspect instead of another spirit he stopped that guy from doing a blindfolded freewriting exercise. Supposedly the handwriting and style is distinct across different people doing the writing and he says some beautiful things.

He seems offended (or at least annoyed and bored) by the questioning to find his identity.
"Do you doubt
my identity? I am not surprised, since sometimes I doubt it myself. I
might retaliate by doubting yours. I have always admired the Society for
Psychical Research. They are the most magnificent doubters in the world.
They are never happy until they have explained away their spectres. And
one suspects a genuine ghost would make them exquisitely uncomfortable. I
have sometimes thought of founding an academy of celestial
doubters...which might be a sort of Society for Psychical Research among
the living. No one under sixty would be admitted, and we should call
ourselves the Society of Superannuated Shades. Our first object might
well be to insist on investigating at once into the reality of the
existence of, say, Mr. Dingwall."

If he didn't write that, it sure seems like he should have. This is my favorite quote:

And I found I had a mission-the
mission of drawing aside the veil from beauty and showing her in her
nakedness to the world. I had all the ardour of a missionary; and my own
rather unusual appearance gave me, the suitable garb of a parson. The
priest of art, of culture, must of necessity show it in his own form

Anyway I think its a cool book and an interesting analysis of Oscar Wilde even if it wasn't an intuitive communication from beyond the grave. In the US this book is considered under copywrite so I paid for it on my kindle (if anyone has a kindle I can "loan" it to one person if I have your e-mail) - I'm not sure about outside the us, but I linked to a public domain version too


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Aug. 28th, 2011 05:30 am (UTC)
thank you!
what a bizarre find.
Aug. 28th, 2011 02:42 pm (UTC)
I downloaded the preview (on my kindle) and as soon as I started it I knew I had to have it - I finished the whole thing in one night. I'm surprised this isn't more well known.
Aug. 28th, 2011 09:45 am (UTC)
Hmm I do beleive in life after death and i have had a few experiences that does give me faith in that notion as well. But very few people have the gift to communicate with the dead. So i would take things with a pinch of salt. But the book sound entertaining enough at least.
Aug. 28th, 2011 02:52 pm (UTC)
I generally do. But there is something about his description of the afterlife that fits in with my perception of what it would be and there is something of a... like he's just enjoying the opportunity to "talk". I dunno, its hard to describe. I tend to view much of this sort of thing as if not conscious fraud at least unconscious, but this is one of the more convincing.
Aug. 28th, 2011 11:16 am (UTC)
It does indeed sound interesting. It sounds a hell of a lot more convincing than a book I have, in which someone claimed to be communicating with Shelley from beyond the grave in a similar fashion. :)

(She mentioned Jesus a bit too many times to make me a believer. hee hee)
Aug. 28th, 2011 03:04 pm (UTC)
The method was partially what makes me this convincing (if not strange) - some (I think most) of it was done through a man while a woman who was the medium touched him (on the arm I think), though some of it was done by the woman with with a Ouija board (I'm guessing this is why some of the sessions are short). Even more strangely, the woman's daughter touched the writer and the style of handwriting remained the same but became much larger.

"The "Oscar Wilde" script which I offer to the public, both because of its
literary and psychic interest, seems to me to suggest definitely the
possibility that we may be in touch with an external influence. If I were
fully convinced of that fact, I should certainly be as fully convinced
that Oscar Wilde had spoken to the world again. I should not attribute
any messages so characteristic of the whole man to an impersonation on
the other side. I think in this case it is a choice of two hypotheses;
either Oscar Wilde is speaking, or the whole script, ouija board and
automatic writing must be derived from the subconsciousness or
clairvoyance of two mediums. In either case, the matter of the messages
and the manner in which they came are of such unusual interest that I
feel the entire case should he stated as fully as possible. I believe it
to be quite outside those which can be accused of being trivial or dull."
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