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Found this while scanning old pictures...

There used to be an awesome Oscar mural near my town - unfortunately it got painted over when the building was sold.
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Title: It Repeatedly Exists Between An Elder and A Younger Man
Artist: wincestuouslove 
Rating: PG-13
Theme: historical friendships

[01-05]  David/Jonathan
[06-08]  Achilles/Patroclus
[09-20]  Apollo/Hyacinthus
[21-22]  Oscar Wilde/Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas
[23-26]  Jude Law VS. Bosie Douglas


( It is intellectual... when the elder man has the intellect, and the younger man has all the joy, hope and glamour of life before him. )

The Law and The Lord picsspam

I wanted to do this crazy picsspam for a long long time!
I have to say I am quite satisfied with the result.

(Please delete it if it's not allowed.)

Yes, he was certainly wonderfully handsome, with his finely curved scarlet lips, his frank blue eyes, his crisp gold hair. -- The Picture of Dorian Gray

Whether as a grownup or as a boysie, Jude Law was able to look identical to ANY stages of Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas. It's utterly marvelous!
I found it banal to try separate them.

( Gold hair, blue eyes, and rose-red lips — they all were there )

The Disciple

Someone suggested that Narcissus in The Disciple was a metaphor of Bosie Douglas while 'the pool' was an analogue of Oscar Wilde himself. What do you think?

( My shallow thought )

Sorry if it's been discussed. I'm a newbie of this comm and Oscar's works.

Bosie icons

Dear mod, please delete this post if it's not allowed.

I just made some Lord Alfred icons and thought some of you may be interested :)

( I know Hyacinthus, whom Apollo loved so madly, was you in Greek days. )

Conan Doyle and Oscar Wilde

Hello all,

Thought you might enjoy this bit from "Conan Dolye: A life in letters":

Unmentioned in surviving letters is one of 1889's most important events for his career: an invitation to dine at London's grand Langham Hotel on August 30th, from J.M. Stoddart, the editor of Lippincott's Monthly Magazine in Philadelphia, whom Conan Doyle found "an excellent fellow."  The other guests were an Irish M.P. named Thomas Patrick Gill, and no less a literary lion than Oscar Wilde, who was

already famous as the champion of aestheticism. It was indeed a golden evening for me. Wilde to my surprise has read Micah Clarke and was enthusiastic about it, so that I did not feel a complete outsider.  His conversation left an indelible impression upon my mind. He towered above us all, and yet had the art of seeming to be interested in all that we could say.

Out of that dinner came commissions for The Picture of Dorian Grey by Wilde, and from Conan Doyle a second Sherlock Holmes novel, which would be entitled The Sign of the Four.

New Oscar Wilde Letters Discovered! :)

This is interesting. It appears that a collection of letters Oscar Wilde wrote to an  Alsager Vian, editor of  the Society Magazine  during the 1890s offering an invitation for him to visit him. The letters were kept under lock and key in a writing drawer until 1924. However the letters have now surfaced and were sold for £33k at a recent auction. See the link here


Hope this is of interest to you!

De Profoundis And Picture Of Dorian Grey

I have been reading more of Oscar Wilde's writings, this time his De Profoundis which of course he wrote in Reading Goal. In an intensly moving letter to Lord Alfred Douglas who of course cruelly treated Oscar Wilde in the worst way possible. Anyhow what struck me was his reference to Dorian Grey. I had wondered who the picture was based on. But now i see who. Wilde himself confirms it in De Profoundis . Why did Lord Alfred Douglas not pick up on it? What are your thoughts on De Profoundis? I dont agree with all his views on Christ though. Christ did not see people as being below him in  terms of intellect, nor did he despise those who were not as quick thinking. That is my interpretation from reading bits and pieces of the Bible anyway. But Wilde is a very good observer on human nature all the same.  That shows in the Ballard of Reading Goal which i have also read.

Would love to hear your views on this!

Wilde and Socialism

I was reading recently Wilde's thoughts on socialism and was surprised to read that he was sympathetic to the communist ideals. A thinking man's Karl Marx? There are two things i have to disagree with so far (although i have not read the full essay he wrote yet). Wilde spoke of jealousy being a thing of the past if everything is publically owned. But what about the oldest story in the world? Jealousy due to relationships breaking down and one running off for another person? Then you have jealousy over one doing better in life than yourself either because they happen to be cleverer and so on.

I also read his views on public ownership of buildings and his distate for charities. He is well meaning i know, But if it  was not for charities like Barnados which had their roots in Victorian England then alot of children back then would not have been saved. Andf as to public buildings taken out of private ownership, well jealousy would surely arise as to some people have better buildings than others and surely some form of maintenance/rent payments would have to be made for the upkeep of the buildings etc.

Like i said earlier i have yet to finish the essay but these are already observations i have made. i will come back to it after i have read his writing from Reading HMP. Or i should say Reading Goal as it was known back then!  Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this anyway! ;)

Discussing Oscar

I was having an interesting chat in work today about authors and books in general. Anyway I brought up Oscar Wilde and how his short stories are a series of morality tales, many of them are anyway , and how he wrote from his prison cell as well. To my mortification noone at work had read or heard of Oscar Wilde. I myself have been aware of Oscar Wilde for many years but had not got round to reading his works until 18 months ago and have been enjoying his works since then. But is it me or is this a common occurance these days that people are ignorant of literature in general?

I may well do An English Literature course again for fun. This time being wiser and with life experience i think i could anaylase things better i could in my school days when i did not have the experience to do so.  But what are your views? Are people more unaware of literature such as that by Oscar Wilde or was it just bad luck i had a group of people who were not as well read?