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Is this comm still alive?

According to the profile, this comm hasn't been updated in a while.  It would be sad if it keeled over and died.  I don't have a huge amount to add right now, but I do have a Squidoo lens dedicated to Oscar Wilde's online influence; it's at this link.  It also links to this comm...:)

Anyway, I hope this comm is still up and running; hopefully I'll have more to add to it later...

Oscar Wilde from Purgatory

This book is fascinating - Oscar Wilde From Purgatory  (Amazon version) - its been a few months since I read it but when I found this group I knew I'd have to talk about it some. The book is a conversation with Oscar Wilde beyond the grave through automatic writing. Now I don't assume all intuitives are fake or real but I have to say if this is an imitation it is very well done by someone who truly understands his style. 
From the first sentence - the woman who is communicating with Oscar thinks he interupted another spirit trying to communicate "Lily, my little Lily-No, the lily was mine-a crystal thread-a silver reed
that made music in the morning." it is very... Oscar. Though I suspect instead of another spirit he stopped that guy from doing a blindfolded freewriting exercise. Supposedly the handwriting and style is distinct across different people doing the writing and he says some beautiful things.

He seems offended (or at least annoyed and bored) by the questioning to find his identity.
"Do you doubt
my identity? I am not surprised, since sometimes I doubt it myself. I
might retaliate by doubting yours. I have always admired the Society for
Psychical Research. They are the most magnificent doubters in the world.
They are never happy until they have explained away their spectres. And
one suspects a genuine ghost would make them exquisitely uncomfortable. I
have sometimes thought of founding an academy of celestial
doubters...which might be a sort of Society for Psychical Research among
the living. No one under sixty would be admitted, and we should call
ourselves the Society of Superannuated Shades. Our first object might
well be to insist on investigating at once into the reality of the
existence of, say, Mr. Dingwall."

If he didn't write that, it sure seems like he should have. This is my favorite quote:

And I found I had a mission-the
mission of drawing aside the veil from beauty and showing her in her
nakedness to the world. I had all the ardour of a missionary; and my own
rather unusual appearance gave me, the suitable garb of a parson. The
priest of art, of culture, must of necessity show it in his own form

Anyway I think its a cool book and an interesting analysis of Oscar Wilde even if it wasn't an intuitive communication from beyond the grave. In the US this book is considered under copywrite so I paid for it on my kindle (if anyone has a kindle I can "loan" it to one person if I have your e-mail) - I'm not sure about outside the us, but I linked to a public domain version too
Dear fellow Wildeans, I need your help. Does anyone have a good photo of young Robbie Ross? I desperately need a good picture of him (I only know two of his photos - the one taken from his side-view, where he looks a little bit fat, and the second one with a mustache under his nose, that looks like a caterpillar). Anything else anyone?

"Jersey Shore Gone Wilde"

Playbill.com presents the male leads from the Broadway revival of Earnest delivering lines from Jersey Shore in the style of Oscar Wilde...

Not suitable for work, school, or places with small children.

Apr. 7th, 2011

Just wanted to post this picture I found on my Tumblr-string; not strictly Oscar-related, but related enough in a lovely photo of John Gray:

I was wondering if anyone could educate me on John Gray's influence in Wilde's life? Of course there is the Dorian connection, but I know considerably less about him than Bosie Douglas, so if anyone would like to inform me on how they met, etc. I would be eternally grateful. :)

Oscar Wilde And The Candlelight Murders

Bought a book tonight which i thought i would share

The book description reads as follows

London, 1889. Oscar Wilde, celebrated poet, wit, playwright and raconteur is the literary sensation of his age. All Europe lies at his feet. Yet when he chances across the naked corpse of sixteen-year-old Billy Wood, posed by candlelight in a dark, stifling attic room, he cannot ignore the brutal murder. With the help of fellow author Arthur Conan Doyle he sets out to solve the crime – but it is Wilde’s unparalleled access to all degrees of late Victorian life, from society drawing rooms and the bohemian demi-monde to the underclass, that will prove the decisive factor in their investigation of what turns out to be a series of brutal killings.

The Oscar Wilde Murders is a gripping detective story of corruption and intrigue, of Wilde’s growing success, of the breakdown of his marriage, and of his fatal friendship with Aidan Fraser, Inspector at Scotland Yard... Set against the exotic background of fin-de-siecle London, Paris, Oxford and Edinburgh, Gyles Brandreth recreates Oscar Wilde’s trademark sardonic wit with huge flair, intertwining all the intrigue of the classic English murder mystery with a compelling portrait of one of the greatest characters of the Victorian age.


Has anyone read this at all? I will be doing so over the next few weeks. As i am very much a reader of Conan Doyle's works and i know they both met in real life i think this would make for a really good read!

Lady Halle Oscar Wilde's Woman's World

A fellow Wilde fan is looking for Lady Halle in Oscar Wilde's magazine Woman's World but it's not available to read.  Here's a link to a snippet -


Does anyone know where a full copy of this can be found online?

Art Imitates Art

 (Credit to justforeverme @ hollow-art.com)

Title: Bosie Douglas Is Dorian Gray
Artist: wincestuouslove 
Rating: Gen
A/N: Another Dorian Gray manip with Jude Law's flawless face. 
IMO his physical features fit Oscar Wilde's description on the character better than anybody.
See Jared Leto's version here.

Dorian Gray manip

 (Original art credit to brainmarsed @ tumblr)

Ben Barnes is gorgeous but he is NOT Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray.
Not to be disrespectful to anybody, I was inspired to manip the book cover just because I found that Jared Leto does not age!
That dude was born in 1971 but he still looks like a teenager to me.
Freakin' Scary!


You can edit whatever you desire. I just hope you will credit me.
Thank you.
Now I want to make another Dorian manip with Jude Law face!

( I beg for your comments )

Found this while scanning old pictures...

There used to be an awesome Oscar mural near my town - unfortunately it got painted over when the building was sold.
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